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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Why buy new blinds when you can SAVE MONEY and TIME by having them PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED? 


    Using the latest Ultrasonic Cleaner that is also environmentally friendly, we give our clients the opportunity to clean their blinds effectively.

Over a period of time, dust, grime, bacteria, smoke and pollutants such as pollen become ingrained in the fabric or on the surface of the blind.  We offer a professional service to revive and clean your blinds by using sound waves for Residential, Commercial, Office Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants and more.


    Cleaning blinds by hand is very time consuming and can be messy. Plus, with hand cleaning, you can’t get out embedded germ-causing particles and dust. Our professional-grade machine, built specifically for cleaning blinds and shades, can clean all the parts of the blind at the same time while reviving the mechanism in the head rail as well as restoring the cords, slats, and tapes as close to new as possible.


How We Clean Your Blinds using Ultrasonic Technology


    Low sound waves are used to clean the blinds. An ultra-high frequency is transmitted through heated water containing special cleaning agents. Microscopic bubbles form in every crevice of the blind.  The bubbles grow until they implode and it is the thousands of implosions per second that delivers the deep penetrating cleaning action. By using this process there is no scratch, streaking, smearing or potential damage.


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